Again, just fix the stupid Rhino!


You simply CANNOT use a cunning creature that’s not immune to stun, or this stupid stupid creature comes in (or I send it myself) and that’s it! The cunning creature is dead on the next turn. This thing can basically deal 3750 damage if it stuns. Can’t let anything get to 1500 HP… This completely drains the fun of these matches!

Seriously, this is absurd… I’m constantly scrolling down among dozens of CRAPPY dinos, trying to find something useful in this tournament reality you’ve created. And of course, having to look out for speedties too… Doesn’t matter how fast or strong you try to make cunning creatures, or how much you nerf resilient creatures, you’ll never get any balance with this kind of bad joke.


Completly agree with you.

It is completly broken as diplodocus and of course ludia hurried to nerf these two nuisances that were ankylosaurusG2 and apatosaurus before doing the only thing expected of them: balancing their games.

I put my expectations really low on this game now and ludia still underperform.Very impressive.

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Gotta run Dimetrodon or Diplo. I take rhinos out all the time

Diplo ?lol no.
Use any ability which deal over 2250dmg,swap in rhino,resilient impact:GG
This is not normal some of the top 50 run a wooly rhino in their main deck ,it is not even an hybrids.

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I don’t know why they thought It would be a good idea to give 1500 damage to a swapper, it’s way too oppressive to any cunning creature. It would probably be fine If It had 1200-1300 damage, 1500 is just ridiculous


Neither of them is broken. I don‘t get why people just keep complaining.
I don‘t struggle with Rhino. I mean, sure if it‘s 2:2 and my opponent wins by swap in, it ain‘t funny. But that‘s the same with lock down creatures.

As for Rhino. I counter it in tournament with another Rhino, Brachi, Edapho, Seco, Andrew, Lion, Titani, etc. There are plenty of options, especially against players that only count on swappers.

Diplo is also easily countered by creatures like Andrew, Edapho, Lion, Seco, etc. My tournament team is made to counter swappers and lock them down, also I use stun and slow resistant or immune creatures.

There are more creatures that need reworks in form of buffs. This is way more important than keep nerfing good dinos.

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I don’t really understand the thought process behind the 2.0 remaster of this thing. Reminds me of the OG Dracorex G2 days that would pop in and one shot any raptor you had in.

It is oppressive. 1500 is way too much damage for something that can come out of the blue, go straight through armor, and have a chance to stun.


While rhino can be annoying, I think Ludia should be fixing speedties well before rhino


Ludia seem to acknowledge that not enough people are using cunnings, but they aren’t looking deep enough for the real reasons why.

If they aren’t getting 100% countered by a resilient move, they’re getting wrecked by fierce creatures that cleanse distraction or high swap in damage like this.


Its problem is that it is too good at 1v1 itself and it does too much damage to fierce creatures, and beats any bleeder except thyla who isn’t allowed in this format. This version can no longer beat the 3 big epic chompers reliably from a swap in, but is no resistant to speed decrease.

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Can’t argue against that. I make sure to make a speedtie topic every week if anyone else doesn’t

If it ain’t the rhino, It’s speedties among Andrew and snake… pathetic…

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I hate them, because I either come up to edaph vs edaph or edaph vs snake, and I am at the point where everyone above me wins them, and I even live in the states. So even for people in the states, this is an issue


Well, first of all, all those “counters” you mentioned will only come in after it had killed a creature that still had 1500 HP remaining regardless of armor and then take 2250 damage in the face or more before taking it down (IF they take it down, since it can escape from everything except snake and Andrew)… That alone makes it broken.

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wait is the woolly rhino pogging?

But as Eduardo said, speedties are the worst, and ruins this tourney too… Such a cool feature that are On Escape and No Escape abilities, speedtie RUINS it, cause then you get stuck and can’t escape against snake or Andrew… Speedties have never been worse.

No worry,i will be part of it.
Maybe if everyone of us do a topic,they will take us into consideration?
I am not a spammer,but if ludia don’t understand…

IKR, they are already countered by resilients (as they should), they don’t need the ones they are supposed to counter countering them. They need to rethink cleansing moves on fierce and give them something else.


And give to some creature partial or total swap in damage immunity.
Only resilient have this unfair ability?Then give some fierce 100% immunity to that.

Not to mention cunnings suffer from other issues like low hp, or the fact that many resilients have other bonuses, like draco and rhino swap-ins, titanoboa OER, and diplodocus/brachi bulk