Again lost defeat 10 creature incubator

Ok ok so 2-3 times in a week loosening my defeat 10 creatures incubator was crappy enough last week, but I’ve already lost 3 this week and it’s only Wednesday. The game has been freezing more tan usual and the worst part is you don’t even get reimburst in any way for being screwed out of all the stuff you should have gotten from them taking what you’ve earned. My husband got screwed on 2 of his last week. Not to mention I’ve seen him open creatures and the next day their just gone! Unlike me he’s too the point he’s about ready to just delay the game all together, I keep asking him to stay. But like he said, why keep getting screwed on this game when their are other games that you don’t get screwed on and if you do they at least give you something to compensate for the mess up. And to be honest, if he deletes the game is almost no reason for me to keep it as he’s in my alliance and one of the very few that actually helps me get anywhere and donates creatures!