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Again, Ludia, really?

You have again dropped three strike events during the common special event drops…leaving us only two days to complete 48 drops that are now far more scarce because of the strike events…even though many complained about this last week. I’m starting to think it’s being done intentionally. And I really need the Gallimimus DNA. :unamused:


To be honest, i see more around me than when we had the last common batch. Might be random the arrangement.

If they could just code it to where the strike towers disappeared once complete and the normal/event stops came back… asking too much??


Yup this would also be good.

I just went out on a quick hunt before work and not a single Special Event had what I needed. I was looking for Galli and Mono Gen 2 and every single Special Event was either Dilo Gen 2 or empty so I’ve ended up with nothing so far. :disappointed:

Knowing my luck there won’t be a Special Event near my work so that’ll be another 12 hours of no hunting. No doubt the same will happen tomorrow only this time with more Strike Events blocking the spawns.

So once again my efforts at levelling my dinos gets kicked in the teeth. :angry:

Out of respect for my mental health I’m no longer trying to grind every Gallimimus or any other Common that’s useful to me in Special Event Weeks. I’m going after a few, but that’s it

Going for Gallimimus and on my hour ride to work only came across a handful, every single green drop was Mono or Dilo G2s. :unamused:

I definitely think it’s intentional lol. They could easily code them to disappear or just make them a subset of battle tab.

Thankfully, I had gotten thousands of Galli DNA thanks to the recent Strike Tower event: Galli was just dumped onto me - and I couldn’t have been happier. I’m still gonna try and gather as much DNA as I can though – the more to stock up the better it will be in the future x3

Now, I just need a whole bunch of Mono DNA. I am so close to creating her I’m losing my mind! I don’t care about what these peeps say. She will be on my team yo. If I can save enough Mono, I might even be able to get started on Monosteg.

So long story short, I’m happy to get this event x3333.

Now I need to get as much Mono 2 as I can - I have a feeling if I level her enough, she might be able to take a decent chunk out of whoever will threaten my life when that super Epic strike tower comes up. I just want a chance yo. Monomi and Monometro might give me a hand at some point xP

Now all we need is that Irritator event :persevere::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yes, once again I will have no other choice but give up grind all 48 attempts on Galli.

Strike towers as a free bonus reward is not so bad.
But due to it hidden event supply and dinos spawn under tower, we really need them immediately disappear after we complete strike events.

Lucky! I didn’t get a single Galli DNA from any of those strike events. Got all useless crap. :unamused:

Its not strike towers thats to blame… there is a huge drop in the amount of green towers from last event to this one. But strike towers are not to blame… last night last night the intersection up from my house had 3 strike towers and 4 green supply depots all within a 2 minute walk. Currently there is 1 strike tower at this intersection and no green depots. So its not like the green event drops are now towers there just gone…

You are not wrong in some point.:thinking:

For example, there’s a big green field several km away from my place.
That’s one of my main station to grind event attempts, because it got 5 event supply.

But last week, only 2 green supply left. This week, only 1.:scream:
And most supply drops are not strike tower, so they aren’t covered. Just simply removed from event supply list I think.

That’s one of my main reason couldn’t complete all attempts.

I may be wrong but I have the sneaking suspicion that the Special Event drops are randomised to a certain extent. I believe that there has been slight differences in the placement of the Events in my immediate area from group to group (i.e from common to rare to epic and back to common etc.). Then along comes the Strike Events to block most of them. :roll_eyes:

[moved from Please increase green supply drops]

A lot of the park SD’s were turned into regular ones which IMO should be
reversed, plus add more green drops to the park.


Agreed. Too low green drops nowadays, since strikes are takinf over the drops

[moved from Some green supply drops near my house]

I do see that some green supply drops near my house are now orange supply drops, but I experienced as well that some supply drops that were orange yesterday, today are green.
I think we should see this in some few days, so Let’s see after sunday, when the pterosauro’s event is over, if something will change again,

Everyone is noticing the same thing. That suddenly there are a fraction of the green drops there used to be, and that suddenly Ludia is putting out 3 strike events instead of 1-2. Absolutely ridiculous. HOURS of DRIVING (not walking) for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT and I still only got 40/48 of the Gallimimus drops I needed. FIX IT LUDIA.

Also how are you darting and driving without killing yourself and another driver?

I see many people on this forum who drive around. I keep it open and pull over when I find something worth darting, or I open it up and find something in a familiar area and drive to it then repeat. Many times I’m passenger. Try it sometime, then maybe you won’t be crying about walking and encountering the same.