Again, My game keeps crashing as soon as I open the game!

I love this game, I love playing it, I love the dragons, I love the strategy, I love petting toothless. But since the 7nth, the game keeps Crashing on me AGAIN! Every time there’s an Update, or changes, or new dragon, or event dragon. IT CRASHES. And every time I have to send in my game information. And hope they can fix it before the new event ends. I literally only got to play the game half of year because it keeps crashing the other half!

The worse thing is that almost every time, they tell me I need to go back an update on my phone, which automatically updates back or makes my phone completely useless and I have to take it in the store to get it fix. But that doesn’t make any sense, my phone hasn’t had an update in a while. But I have to roll back a phone update in order to play a game that just got updated?

I’m sorry about the rant. But I’m really getting sick of this happening ALMOST EVERY FREAKING WEEK!


I’m sorry this issue is happening again with your game, ModernMyths.

With the risk of me sounding like a broken record, I do recommend you create a follow-up with our support team so our team can take a closer look at this issue for you again. :sweat:

If you could please provide your support key and the information above to our team at, it would really help.

Thank you.

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