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Again no greens

You can quit your so called legendary rush. Second time legendary can be farmed second time no green cubes …
Nearest green 300-400 m away …

If you wanna loose players you doing a great job if not you dont…

thats just RNG for me I have 3 legendarys in my 200m circle its just luck

Strike towers are covering (hiding) the green drops. See images below… I’m trying to see if developers could be persuaded to have strike towers go completely off the map (not just faded out) after completion. I think once strike tower is gone then hidden green drops would appear again.

What do you think about the suggestion? @Thedinoiswithme



The above images show the same area, both were taken after the drops switched today. Top one was before app reset. Bottom one after app reset. Strike towers replace green drops after app restart. Green drops are being hidden. Notice the other spawns are all in the same places and these are today’s legendary dinos.

Or they just want newer players not to go fast fotward… It makes no sense making events and every time there are event only epics legendarys or unique i hsve no greens … Thats going on since over 6 months now…

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I hear ya! I’ve been complaining myself. Nobody listens to our complaints though.

That’s why I’d like people to get behind and support this one little change - make towers go completely away after completion.

I think you’d be happy with the results - - more green drops for all!

Do you think this change would help us?

Even with vip i think i wouldnt have one today …

One temporary work-around is to have your app open before when the drops switch over happens. You will have more green drops to choose from (top picture) but be warned, when app is restarted then those extra green drops disappear because then the strike towers cover them up.

They only should give us 4 strike towers and 4 green and all would have event and all quests…

If they implement my suggestion then all the places in your pics that have faded out (transparent) strike towers would then turn into green drops when those strike towers are removed from the map after you have completed them for the day. Don’t just fade out completed strike towers… make them completely disappear. Does that make sense?

It looks like you’d end up with 7 green drops in your circle if that were implemented.