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Again the release schedule changes

I assumed it was Tuesday, Thursday. Friday and Saturday now it’s Sunday instead of Saturday. It would be better it the days were the same every week

It was Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday last week, so that could be the new schedule… maybe?

It’s just inconsistent week to week

From what I’ve learnt about Ludia just by playing Lovelink is that they’re the Kings of Inconsistency :rofl:

It’s frustrating not having characters I’m dying to see return also

IKR. It’s incredibly frustrating.
If Ludia had been updating the game the way they are now from the start, this wouldn’t be a problem, and we’d have then just one finished storyline.

Usually, for me anyway… if there is a character update I will get the text notification in about fifteen minutes. (8am my time) and the actual update two hours later.


Just over here hoping the next update is Fei rather then Sheng.

I think it was Aesha/Samantha finally

I hope not! They’re currently trying to update too many characters at once.
But I don’t know who it is because I got the notification, but they haven’t shown up in-game yet :man_shrugging:

Seems they are late today. I’m guessing in the next ten minutes or so

It’s Fei and Im happy