Again! Trophy bug making leaders kick members

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Bug Description: some of the members keep showing 0 trophies after reset but they have battled PvP!

Area is was found in: Alliance member list

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- trophy reset to 0. Most members show their highscore after PvP but some don’t even when they did battle and improved their highscore
Step 2 -
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: atm 1/3 of my alliance

What type of device are you using: Various

Anything else?

image image image

seeing players in my friends list showing as 0.
In the alliance tab, everyone will show 0 for about 5 seconds before it loads in.

Not the case all show but 1/3 and not only for me also for my co-leaders and officers.

Also this particular member has been showing 0 since last weeks “reset”. Still he battles daily. And I have about 5 more of whom I’m sure they battle. I keep getting responses explaining me trophy reset has happened or there’s a delay. these are neither

Thanks for reporting this to us, Poezzzie. Could I ask you to send your support key over to our team here at It’d allow our team to investigate further to see what might be going on.


I will @Ned thank you :pray:

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Support said they’d fix this long ago when I told them about it. Yet I still see my friends/opponents/alliance list at 0.

I believe the friend’s list should be displaying the correct Trophy count now if your friend had recently battled in PVP. If not, our team will need to take a closer look and investigate further. :thinking:

yeah. it’s currently not. everyone is at 0. even the people who just battled an hour ago.

Noted! Thanks, Qiew.

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@Ned neither is recent opponents list

I know I asked for this to be looked into a while ago, however it still persists. I am still seeing 0s for trophies for friends and opponents. Can you all look into this please?

Me too. It’s getting old now, Ludia!

Most of my friends list won’t even load. Either that or it takes 3 years to.

If that happens delete those friends who you dun need. Usually this happens due to your friends.list being too long.

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Nonsense. Even with only 10 it still shows 0