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Again with the scent capsule, this time proof of bug


Hello again,
So after the kast capsule I kept playing since I needed that one spawn, when this happened twice.
In the previous it was with 2 different dinos, but now with epics and i screencapped up front because of that.
Basically both pyro and rex scent spawn at the same time, I caught Pyro (finally, yay) and when the screen return trex has transformed in a common while I wanted to catch him too.

You can see the timer and me standing in the same location.
Since I cant send in a ticket cause one is still running, I ask for your help once again @Ned

Dual scent spawn - darted 1, other despawned

Hey afbakappeltaart, I’m sorry that you were not able to collect the T-rex’s DNA. However, due to the nature and different migration patterns for each dinosaur, it’s possible for dinosaurs to leave if it is not collected right away. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this, however. Feel free to contact them here at with your support key and those screenshots so they can investigate. If you’re waiting on a reply from our staff on another ticket, send in the email after they respond, so you don’t lose your spot in the queue.


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This happens to me roughly 50% of the time I get a dual spawn. One disappears while I’m darting the other.

I can add that when I see it, I don’t have two of the same dino on the screen so it doesn’t appear to be a map glitch, echo, or other display issue.


Hi again @Ned!

Sadly it doesnt seem to happen because of migration or anything, since this only happens when you start darting one, doing nothing with 2 spawns results in timer going down until they both despawn.

Also, migration never transformed rexes to crocs as far as I know (paleontologists correct me if wrong :joy:)

I’ll be sure to send in a ticket though, hoping current one comes in quickly :slight_smile:


Wait, they still haven’t fixed that bug? That bug’s been around since beta :joy:


I have encountered double epic spawns (duplicates) that literally spawned right on my location. After darting one, the other disappears.

The same applies to even common ones, you dart one and the other disappears (they are different species).

So what gives? :roll_eyes:


What a major copout response. If you actually played the game, forums moderator person, you’d know those scent spawned dinos stay a couple minutes and not in the time it takes to do a single darting attempt. There is 100% something wrong here. Look at the timer in the screenshots.


At least you got an epic. I bought an epic scent capsule and got a grand total of 2 commons. No response from ludia after reporting on sunday


forums moderator person :joy::joy::joy:


I thought his name was PhoenixUniversity for a sec and it made it way funnier for some reason.

It’s an online university that is the butt of many jokes here in the States.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:but I hope u get it fixed


no, still happens ^^

its funny that SCENTED dinos migrate in 1 minute but the zones dont for 7 months ^^
Even the alliance rewards can migrate now :joy:


Frfr Jurassic World Alive, rl finding/spawning problems…“the fight is real ppl”.