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Against the odds of getting decent IRRITATOR dino DNA!

Again this week we are faced with yet another inevitable round of not getting a decent amount of dinosaur DNA because of the totally lop sided imbalance of far too many of 1 or 2 types of dinosaur running amok in the wild spawning way too often. this week we were supposed to get Amargasaurus, Argentinosaurus, Carnotaurus, Irritator ( rare one ) and Tupandactylus with 30 shots being allowed in total over a period of some 3 hours.?.
So far i have seen a staggering 47 ( +8 ) x Amargasaurus, 13 x Tupandactylus, 17 x Carnotaurus, 9 x Argentinosaurus and … only 3 x IRRITATOR RAREs in a period of more than 26 hours.?.
Why is that i ask yes we got all of the dinosaurs that we were supposed to get but for crying out loud can we at least get a balanced amount of each dinosaur during the time period allowed to dart which of the 5 dinosaurs released into the wild we want .?.
What we dont need is an overloaded amount of a singular dinosaur in this case being the rather annoying Amargasaurus ( 47 times during a 26 hour time period ) and yes while i am posting this another 8 x Amargasaurus appeared making a total of 55 so far of them running riot in the game while the ones we are chasing are nowhere to be found or in such an insignificant number ( 3 x Irritator rare ).
Other players would be chasing perhaps the same dinosaur as me or one of the other dinos instead who really knows but surely when a situation like this occurs the games programmers can do something about balancing the scales so that every player at least gets an equal or near equal amount of each of the 5 dinosaurs that are available in the days they are spawning in the wild ( in this case Wednesday, Thursday & Friday ).

A anti darter

Just because you are seeing one dinosaur more than others doesn’t mean every one is also seeing this. I personally have been seeing a ton of argentino since Wednesday. They are probably spread equal worldwide but it’s nearly impossible to spread it even in every single block by block radius so every player sees all 5 dinosaurs everywhere they go.

I’d trade off all my irritator DNA for Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus DNA lol.

Caught 30 Irritators with 1d and 2hrs to spare.

I don’t see any