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Agh! Zombies!

Run Ryan Runnnnn

Does this mean we will be seeing all of the “Spooky” characters?

I hope so. I need Hazel.

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I’m hoping the return of Ryan means the return of not just the spooky themed characters but the characters lovelink seem to have forgotten

Yes bring back William/Julian, Jasmin/Kayla, Hazel. Wyatt/Rafael and Sage/Vitoria/Emerson

And if you have to fight, aim for the head. :zombie:

Double tap…and cardio.



I’d love to see Michonne from The Walking Dead slice and dice through the hospital or Negan play baseball

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Is anyone else ridiculously happy for this update?? I mean, zombies, hot scientist boyfriend…it’s got it all.

I’m happy! I like the storyline and it’s a nice change of pace.

Same gives me hope that other three OG characters will be updated soon