Ah, now eventually you do plan to have dinosaurs in your, in your dinosaur game, right? Hello?


Anyone else having trouble with the map being blank or showing SD’s but no creatures? Usually closing out and reopening a minute later will fix it, but this will sometimes go on for several minutes and despite a couple restarts. It’s most frustrating when I get the opportunity to ride passenger and hunt.


No but i really liked the title :rofl:


Yup, can confirm that I do get this from time to time. Usually it comes back after a while but it’s especially inconvenient if you happen to see an epic nearby and then the map blinked out


All the time as a passenger. I think they just want us to slow down for time to spawn. :confused:


So frustrating when I know there are a ton of stops I’m passing and usually a few rares and maybe an epic, but I’m waiting for it to load…


It’s a challenge to play as a passenger. Constant passenger reminders, slow loads, and unresponsive touches to the supply drops and dinos. It’s probably a strain on the game as it only loafs so much of the world at a time and in a day moving vehicle the game struggles to keep up.


Agreed. Riding passenger used to be my best opportunity to snag some epics. I suppose there’s a lot more going on now with special event drops and strike towers all over. But for the screenshots above, I wasn’t even moving.


I’ve had that happening while stationary as well, usually it was triggered by my clicking on a spawn when it’s about to despawn, or an ad/in-game notification is about to come in, or it is changing from day to dusk.


I haven’t noticed any of these moments when I encounter a blank map, but I’ll pay more attention and see.


that happens when you don’t have a data connection. even if your phone says you have one, your really don’t, so it can’t spawn the dinos. they should spawn when you get a connection again.


I make that exact quote at least every other time I go out hunting lol, im in a rural area and sometimes there’s absolutely nothing to dart.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll try turning off my wi-fi when it happens, see if that helps my data connection.


Yes I get this happening as well. Your title is totally epic!