Ah, yes, such a fair and balanced PvP eh?

||Is it that hard to get to dominator league for a LV 63? God||

Hello! We are on the same level, but you have a much better line up than mine. I think the “stay at the top of predator and try domnator at the last minute” technique is the right one until a high level is reache (or at least it worked last time for me).

Try to put on first and third Position a lvl one. In themiddle a strong one than you win 90%

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There are many many tips you can have for Tournaments, but I believe the first is a proper team setup.

Go Herb-Amphi-Carni or Ptero-Carni-Amphi to play with the opponent’s class advantages and disadvantages.


Your 3rd battle you have around the same ferocity as the opponent that is a fair one.

Your first 2 battles your bringing too weak of teams for dominator matches that’s why your getting punished with harder matches


Another tip, don’t push yourself or get demotivated due to unfair matchups - happens to all of us, some more than others. Keep playing and give it your best shot :fire:

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I used to bring level 40 legendaries into dom matches, now I cant really deal with the frustration so i am bringing 1 fodder and 2 creatures that are plus 5,000 ferocity each for much easier matches

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Look like typical dom and even top of Pred league match ups to me.

check out this thread for some info and possible strategies.

Organizing your battle team to give you some minor edges is a huge help. One fairly popular strategy that I use goes something like this.

For example, trying not to swap out your lead off dino and just sacrifice it for the sake of building reserve, make sure it has high health at least, and since you don’t plan on attacking with it, it can have low attack and just be a “meat shield”. Something like lvl 10 apato, lvl 40 Therizio ect…

Next always make sure your 2nd dino will have class advantage over whatever dino has class advantage over your 1st dino. This will set you up to have class advantage over the opponent if they happen to have that type of dino because they will most likely swap to it early to take out your lead off (if they already don’t start with class advantage, happens a lot)

For example. If you lead off with lvl 10 Apato, your second dino should be an Amphib, preferably with decent attack, say over 500. The amphib in the 2nd spot would have class advantage over any carno that the AI might swap to to take out your lead herb. I then put a carno in the 3rd position but you could use other things.

Lots of other viable strategies out there. Do some searching, try them out, see what works for you and your lineup


Very common and winnable matches. Even with your selected teams. You just need tactics.


I know I’ve said this before, but is it really that hard? I do fine with L40’s and even 30’s. Heck, I’ve even done it with a level 40 rare (It was a Dilo that followed a Diplo Sweep), so am I just getting easy matches?

Successfully using a level 30 Legendary in Dominator would be a pretty good feat. A level 40 Rare? I’d need to see screen shots of that to believe it. Unless you’re talking about Rare Hybrids or Rare Super-hybrids…


He could be referring to Bracketed Tournaments, we had one not too long ago.

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Usually I will get a creature that has over 1,000 attack in first position, sometimes they can 1 hit my level 40 legendaries so I like to bring creatures with 2,500 plus health, I rarely get easy matches anymore, but with 2 s hybrid level 10s and a fodder I can manage better

It’s was back before I joined the forum, and it didn’t seem super big. I remember it rather vividly if you want details, and @Jurassic_Fury I don’t think it was bracketed, as it was in the Pachyrhino back in March/April

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For me, there are 3 strategies.
Here are a few battles using these strategies

With these I won-lost-won-lost-won-lost
I have had better rates of winning matches but didnt catch a screenshot
Those battles are on 2 different days. The last 4 were yesterday and the top 2 were today

Those battles I lost were when I misclicked or miscalculated or just bad luck


Dont you 2 carni 2 dinos from the same type end most of the time bad

I dont even go by types anymore, just tank, main fodder, was using herb, carni, herb earlier with near 100 percent success rate

Usually I will fodder off the first carni and they will swap in an amphibian to kill my first carni. I will kill the amphibian with my flyer and my final carni will sweep
Same applies to the ptero-carni-ptero

Actually works really well, especially if you last has the bite. Yuty, Diplo, Metriac wins me a ton of battles