*Ahem*...Ludia? Can I have a word with you about your “support” department?


Below is my ticket submission regarding an issue with the game five days ago.

I know you’re a big company trying to handle way too much as you are clearly swamped with dissatisfied customers and it shows, as both evidenced in these boards and your response time, but why even bother directing us to make these emails if we’re going to get such blatant lazy replies?

I have followed up with ANOTHER email reply prior to making this thread but now I’m a bit upset and I had some rather stern, choice words to use without blatantly going off like a firecracker.

I would hope this isn’t going to be the norm as we further our relationship as time goes on.

I wouldn’t appreciate giving up and choosing to cut my losses as potentially further issues crop up which would, in turn, discourage me from future purchases and overall engagement with your company as this game shows real promise.

Thank you and I hope you have a nice day as I’m certainly NOT.

[emails removed]


Lolll but like I’m sure they are sorry and will definitely suggest you check your connection.


If you don’t mind me being frank, how else should Ludia be expected to respond to every support ticket they receive from their players? :thinking: I don’t mean to be rude whatsoever…but this is fairly typical of most customer support entities. The e-mail reads with very neutral language and does not suggest “attitude” or “derision” in the face of your problem.

In your situation, it probably would’ve seemed more appropriate for Ludia to leave off the whole “reboot/reconnect” your device, as you clearly stated that you had already done so without success. That being said, the other “blantant lazy” suggested fixes still bear the potential to resolve the problem…right? Ludia has no idea whether you’ve tried all those other options unless you specifically tell them.

Best of luck recovering the Brachio DNA, regardless.


It’s literally a copy/paste form reply I received. I honestly believe a computer program scanned the document ticket for a small checklist of key terms and automatically dispensed the response.

That’s what I call lazy. Just because it doesn’t automatically fall into a specific subset of typical problems the department deals with doesn’t mean it is trivial and should be brushed off.

I even sympathize with them on a certain level, having in the past worked as a “face” for customers to air grievances with. True, it was with people face-to-face, but the point stands.

However, I still did due diligence to make sure people weren’t catalogued and filed away as numbers. I honestly did everything I could to help people.

I am no longer in that kind of work but it really strikes a nerve when I’m clearly ignored and left to the mercy of a computer to pre-determine if my issue is worth prioritizing when language is a necessary component to support.


Oh, I also notice that a moderator has both removed my link to the emails in question and locked my original post from editing them back in.

In no way was any propriety information revealed in regards to myself or your company.

Clearly, whomever edited my post doesn’t understand what privacy actually entails.

This is just sad now: any voice to call out bad business practices is being met with unjust retribution to hide any evidence whatsoever.

Your own Forum Rules link doesn’t even exclude posting emails (yet on my notifications it says that they do and says my post was moderated for “Posting PMs, emails, chat logs or conversations by users or staff”).

Seems pretty contradictory and downright shifty behaviour if you say you have a rule, link to the supposed source material where this rule can be found but yet not have it posted anywhere on it.


The problem with ludia is they don’t actully care about the people who play the game they have proved this by the cut and paste responses you get as a reply to a email you sent them it’s generic to say the least.

They are only interested in money and thats it.
Their are plenty of games out there which supports the players I just don’t understand why ludia find it so hard to do the same.


@Katja, having extensive experience with Ludia Support it is nearly certain that the same suggestions would have been sent regardless of what was submitted initially. After sufficient exchanges there is usually actual consideration of what has been submitted and a real dialog begins. Very much agree that the delays are normal when these type of changes are made. The concern is that Ludia was well aware that massive changes were planned for a short period that would massively multiply support requests and any steps taken to build the support teams in preparation is not apparent or even claimed to have occurred.

No intent to bash Ludia is present but clarifying what the current situation appears to be is the goal of this post. As players and users of Ludia products we can be outraged and storm away or face reality. Ludia MUST be made aware of problems by as many as possible in order to address them at all. Given that extensive time is required to give direct attention to these matters we can excercise patience or find productive uses of our time and energy, or throw tantrums. Each can choose.

@J.C, @Ned, would you like to comment on this further?


@Kristen_Jackson_Roe, Ludia has taken several measures with no clear connection to monetization. Ludia is a for profit company so finding a way to pay those who create and maintain the products is a significant priority. Surely if any of us was inside Ludia we would be less than pleased to be payed less because those who benefit most from the work refuse to pay anything. Significant effort is made to prevent a pay to win environment. Absolutely, paying helps significantly but most of the same things can be accomplished while spending no actual funds at all. Doing so requires more time and effort as it should but a common complaint among payers is that non payers get most of the same things for no charge.

It is categorically untrue that Ludia cares ONLY about money collected. If that were the case they could charge for having the game and make additional charges for items needed to advance. That model also exists.


Nah ludia really really don’t care no matter how sweetly you wrap it up.


Ludia’s Support Department right here: