Ahh JWA, you are indeed JWA

Screenshot_20200303-193300 working on getting this bad boy to team level, this guy is a massive pain to level

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I’ve only got 2 left to complete my set. Pumba and constrictor. Am still waiting on getting the legendary to 20 for strictor

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The snek looks cool, as an Aussie I want one for sure!

Also my coins are same as yours…if you were to take 6 digits off your value haha.
Actually I remember like 8 months back there was a day when I had 2 coins lol

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Screenshot_20200303-235926 Screenshot_20200304-000025

Poor Majungarbage needs a hybrid, it’s been so long and nothing still. Hope it would look cool, I mean the art team has always been great though so id say thats a given.

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I’m still surprised you and @Qiew don’t have it
I’ve had my fire lizard for a while now

Working towards these so far
image image image


Yeah i would have had it ages ago but i stopped playing for 6 months after arena was destroyed, so lost interest in playing, but now there are more strike towers and stuff these days so an arena alternative is feasible now.

Also in the months before i stopped i used to donate everything to my alliance, as leader i felt compelled to give anything i could, which included Dimetrodon and Irritator lol

Anyway all good, i have it now :), used it an hour ago in a rare strike tower and soloed it with Magna, though it was a pretty easy tower anyway, but still fun none the less!

Edit: I do have it unlocked now though, got it early after my Dime returned from the Sanc and i got the piddly ONE dna i needed haha


Lol wait your back? Your playing


lol wait so have you tried… arena

Glad your coming back! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol. Almost true.


Still this is awesome news…he gone be so shocked when he runs into a indo or maxima


But still this is awesome


I had a lot of these moments nothing currently. I just had to say the title really fits this situation xD I always called it “life in jwa”. But yours is making me lmao. I hear the puppet, ahhh I’m glad you asked mate JWA is indeed JWA.


Yes i am playing JWA again in a strictly PvE sense :slight_smile:


We at least you back in one form have ya done the campaign ya its honestly really fun and allows for a good grind

And you get to test new and old Dino’s

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Im already at step 77 in the campaign xD, but im stuck now because my team…isnt ideal to deal with these monsters lol, not gunna use boosts at all because it will trivialise strike towers again, i still have them all after the boost 2.0 reset :slight_smile:

@Procerathomonomimus Ahh im glad you…oh wait you made a statement not a question lol

@Sixty-Four Yeah when i made the title i was actually thinking about what the puppets would say, thought it seemed accurate lol

@Thylo_75 I have decided to totally avoid PvP until a time when they ever give a boost free alternative.

Though i actually dont need to play arena to have matches, watch!

Stiffeno opens with level 22 Erlidom
Oppenent brings out max boosted Yoshi
Stiffeno closes the game

See, arena without the arena =D


Lol well hopefully you ya w fun collecting and getting strike towers again

Also how many dinos are ya missing