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Ahh zombies

Daniel’s story is really good and keeping my mind running

I want to kick his rear end for that elevator bit.

You get your butt in this elevator dangit! Right now!

I’m not there yet he just went into the tunnel

Oh snap! So yeah, spoiler. :rofl:

Sorry about that.

Still if they dont release a female this week I’m going to go zombie on Lovelink

Agreed! I get that it all takes time and inspiration probably has a hand in it but there’s plenty of awesome female characters that work for the season beyond Hazel. We can’t be the only ones begging for more female representation in the updates.

It sucks honestly that Aesha and Jasmin are the only two original female characters that havent been updated at all in 2021

Being a fan of all things zombies makes me wish Daniel/Ryan had a female counterpart. I guess I’ll have to stick with B4B for the time being
Clementine/Grace hasn’t been updated in 2021 either. The last time they were updated was November

@GoodGuyVoodoo I am hoping they will give us updates on those characters sooner than later. Rose too. They have been way neglected

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It’s looking like Hazel will be the only female besides Elizabeth in October :roll_eyes:

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That sucks. Alot… At least Cianans storyline is highly amusing. Very small consolation though.

I dunno I’m having trouble finding a connection with him, partly because of the whole no female issue and lingering sadness over Jade and Elizabeth

I connect more with MCs responses than the character to be perfectly honest.

My list is limited to whatever is updated right now so l’ll be off killing big gnarly zombies in the meantime.


I’ve been picking through Nina, Felicia, Charlie, Cianan, Daniel and William

Ok, sorry for the silly question but now I’m curious if Albert/Jonathan will make a cameo in this story seeing as everything is run by military and most likely it’s top secret?