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AI battle?

I’ve had a handful of battles on the last couple days that are clearly AI, but I didn’t select AI and I got trophies. Just fought a team of Spinotharaptor, Rajasaurus, Nodopotitan and Gigaspikasaur. All level 24 and boosted and clear indication of AI was the swapping back and forth after I had 2 takedown. I got 40 trophies for beating this team in Aviary. Anyone else run into this, is it a bug, I’m not doing anything to exploit it, but it feels unfair to others for me to advance this way

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Sometime you will meet AI like that and you’ll get 40 trophy if you win it

I had one the other night. I looked at my g/f and said, “what is this guy doing? It’s like he’s intentionally trying to lose.”

I need trophies and tokens so wasn’t going to complain. But it did seem like odd behavior.

It usually happens if you have just lost 2 battles in a row. At least with me it does.

I noticed it too.

Lost 2 battles then fought AI. Much appreciated Ludia as I can fill my incubators and not loose 100s of trophies in the process

Happened to me as well. Most of the time I didn’t get any trophies though, only on some of them.