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AI battles after 3 consecutive losses

Dear Ludia,

I hope you take into considerations to apply across the arenas to automatically have AI battles after losing 3 arena battles. I accept the fact that a lot had boosted their dinos but not all here are hardcore gamers that allots all their time to this game. It is just frustrating to battle 45 mins just to get an incubator which makes me waste a lot of time where I could have used that time productively on other things. I hope you do reconsider this, I am not after having a high rank on PvP battles, I just want to enjoy the game without getting too much out of my time.


I agree so much with this


They used to do something like this.
It came in handy on vacation days when you really REALLY don’t have much time to battle and luck just isn’t on your side.
I don’t know why they stopped it.

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Money… Also not enough angry sales.

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I know that they need to sell tons of boosts, but for casual players I really hope they take this into consideration. Probably a lot of players here are also working or studying or have jobs that we need to focus on and wasting too much time on battles with luck not on your side is pretty frustrating. I just recently lost 4 straight and won the fifth, most of my opponents are highly speed boosts so there’s no chance for me to beat it. I just really hope they find a way for players to just have that incubator without taking too much time off this game

thats what a smart company would do,isn’t it?