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Ai dinos at lower trophy ranges shouldn't be so strong

While helping one of my young ones with dbi, we lost twice. Since then weve been fighting ai - and those teams have stronger dinos than the real opponents we face…

Please fix.


Yeah i encountered a similar situation when 1.10 went live… i wrote a similar thread and @Ned responded quickly about notifying the team.

This is the kind of stuff that should be hot fixed as quickly as no caps on supply depots… there is no reason to leave your player base losing to ai during pvp unless your intentions are to make them quit or make them buy.


It’s true that the AI is overpowered. But if the AI battles were a joke like they used to be, they wouldn’t provide adequate training for a real battle. And that my friends, is why it would IMBALANCE MATCHMAKING

Let’s find something between a joke and the current level then.