Ai mode arena for PvP battles

My suggestion is to make an arena where our creatures fight on their own to earn the incubators in our current pvp arena. Our trophy position wont be affected. There could be a limit per day or certain amount of hours for using the Ai arena to prevent abusing of farming incubators. We could speed through the Ai PvP battles, maybe… the sped through could be a VIP feature :wink:

The Ai arena would allow creatures in their current level and boosted stats.Maybe we could have a team for the Ai arena or use our existing PvP team. For the ai battle to begin both players need to enter like in any PvP battle, only difference players cannot decide for their creatures, and don’t get so choose which one goes out. The creatures fight on their own instead of being controlled by us like in Camp Cretaceous.

Conclusion (lol)
Its very frustrating for many to have to do PvP battles for incubators, so much that players only do it few times a month or maybe never, since I see many players with 0 trophies for the whole month and those with low trophies never going up. Not every player likes competing in battle, some or many despise it but still love the collecting and creating creatures aspect of the game. The Ai arena would be perfect for these players.