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AI more fun than PvP, please put in the option

Title says it all. A variety of dinos. Nothing ridiculously boosted. Winnable battles…

Please put the AI button next to the timer so we can go straight to an AI battle.


I enjoy the a.i battles… but if they add it as a separate option i’d like to see it made more difficult as ive never lost one…

I’d imagine most people have never lost one and that in its self can become boring.

But i agree

Fun or not with AI, it will save me time a lot of time when I just want a few incubators, so I am all for your idea. PvP as in the current state is a pretty waste of time.


Would be a great and needed option for peeps who got left in the dust by the boost train.

No point in me even trying regular arena at this point.

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I don’t think the hypothetical AI Arena should affect our trophy scores though, that doesn’t seem fair.

I would just like to fill my INC slots and do the daily battle INC. I really don’t care what my trophy score is these days anyway.

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Permanent A.I option would allow players also to play with other than their main team dinos without affect the trophy count, bringing more depth and variety to the game.I’m all for that and it’s something that i’m hoping for months. I’d love to play with other dinos without worries.


I only battle for prizes or incubators.
I would love the AI at will option


I fully agree. In the current state of the Arena AI option would be great.

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I’d quite like an option to battle an AI. No rewards just a means to test teams out.


I’d like it too.

Maybe even different options (for fun or to train yourself for tournaments), like an option to battle only non hybrids with non hybrids at level 26, or with/without boosts etc.


I would love the option to fight an AI. I think this could help to relearn how to use creatures (in case they have new moves) and learn how to use new ones. Maybe we can earn daily battle incubators this way?


I just took the AI option just to try it out - it was ridiculously easy (swap… swap… swap). Now I’ve lost even more respect for those who placed high in the tournament this way.


Yes I would love the option to battle A.I from the start! I haven’t done a regular PvP battle in weeks.