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AI only arena

I suggest that in light of How boosts ruined arena balance, there should be an AI only seperate arena for those of us who wish to have fun and earn incubators.
Players like myself and many others should have the right to avoid 2600 Damage Thor’s sweeping out entire team. Don’t even wanna battle in arena to fill incubator slots anymore it’s gotten that bad.

My level 27 Indoraptor that I spent countless nights out hunting raptors? Useless when a base level Thor one shots it…the other player put no effort in, therefor has no right to invalidate months of work.

If you can create a seperate arena it might even bring some of the players who quit back, coz now we would be able to earn incubators and actually have fun. It’s nit fun when a single dinosaur sweeps an entire team by itself simply because they spent more money.

To add, I know things like this take time to code so don’t expect it overnight, however simply enabling the “Battle AI” button on ALL arenas and disable the 30 second delay so we can click it straight away.
We should have the right to avoid overpowered dinosaurs if we wish, other than just not battling, which is not a solution, that’s avoidance!
At least this way we can still have fun battling like in strike towers, and still earn our DNA.

Oh and of course they wouldn’t award trophies for fighting this AI…that goes without saying!

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agree,at least i get more fun to fight AI than a player actually AND you don’t loose 1000 trophy in a row to earn a single incubator

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Exactly right!
Earlier today it took me tons of matches to complete my daily battle incubator simply because I kept running into crazy boosted Thor’s, which swept my entire team itself, without me being able to even make a kill…therefore gaining ZERO progress towards my incubator.

I mean the othe players could have at least let us kill a single dinosaur so we could make SOME progress, it’s not like they are going to lose at that point anyway.

When I’m in a position that I’m clearly going to win, I’ll let the opponent take out one of my low health dinosaurs in case they are trying to gain their 10 kills. Beating someone 3 - 0 isn’t needed.