AI really shows the bugged matchmaking

I kept waiting and waiting for a pvp match and I see occasionally there was a recommendation for AI so I said screw it, let’s try. Wow, it was fun, I almost won, I died. Yes, I died to the AI. But that’s because I have a team with epics/legendaries all less than 20 and they matched me to a group with all minimum 25 of everything possible and boosts. I mean, really?

I know it’s AI and all and it’s not the main concern but it really does show how they poor the coding and balance of matchmaking. Not to mention that there honestly shouldn’t be AI to begin with, why would you have AI recommended when people are purposely trying to find a real person to fight, for actual trophies. I don’t want a big red or a big green 0 to pop on my screen, I want a big red or a big green 30 haha.

They recently added a feature where people in Arena (13 I believe?) are set together randomly no matter the trophy count but it feels that every arena is set like this. That’s why they need to change the matchmaking more than just trophies (creature count, player level, battle count, etc) because when I look at my position in the leaderboards, everyone around me is roughly the same level and I’m wondering, why am I not fighting people like them?


In aviary I just think they can’t battle that well cause before I was using poukaidei I got to 4900 with all lvl 21and below except lvl 22 maxima

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