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AI teams and boosts reset

I see around that the freshly happened boosts reset have had generally a good impact on the players.
Probably this would positively affect the high ranks of the arena, but I don’t care much for situations I would surely never be involved in, or not soon.
For the moment the situation seems much like a nightmare to me.

However, I would like to focus more on the AI matter.

  1. Firstly, they have re-introduced the possibility to fight against an AI opponent if the time runs out without finding an adversary (it happened shortly before the reset, as I can recall).
    But what’s the point of this if I find myself against 3 lvl 26 (!!) best dinos around?
    Things like Erlidominus, Thor and Utarinex.
    Considering my team are lvl 17-20 dinos, they get wiped out without any possibility.
    So, again, what’s the point?
    Is it too difficult for the IA to spawn a team of similar level to mine?
    Boosts gave me at least a little chance to prevail under certain lucky circumstances I don’t have any more.
    What’s the point in giving me the opportunity to battle AI, and well specifying that this will not count towards my trophies, if I absolutely cannot win?
    It would be fair to give thrice the trophies indeed, if ever I’ll manage to beat such opponents (it is impossible, as I said).

  2. The boosts reset have had a secondary side effect I’ve just now realized.
    I have lost the possibility to win some map event incubators, those really important I mean.
    It has been very difficult to create dinos able to match those 30 lvl opponents you face every time, and often it took me 2 attempts to prevail.
    But yet I had the possibility to play and win such a good prize.
    Now that possibility is gone.
    Take the freshly spawned Indominus gen 2 incubator on map: I tried the battle and the Indominus killed all 3 of my dinos. There were other 2 beasts behind him the AI not even needed to send to battle.

The game will be better with such reset? Possibly.
But for a global judgement many factors and views should be considered, not only the high ranks of the arena that seems the only matter around.
Mid and low level players will probably suffer a lot from this new course of the game, and not many will have the patience and stubborness to rebuild what has been destroyed.

This is my opinion, of course, and glad to be wrong.


Before boosts, those epic strike towers WERE difficult. They required planning, strategy, and sometimes waiting for a video to be posted here on forum about the order the ai throws out the Dino’s and the moves used. They can be beaten by lower level players, you just gotta be a little patient and much more intelligent than the way it was with boost 1.0

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Some of the epic battles now cant be won by lower players. Thats the way it used to be, and now it’s back. My sons account of 18 to 20 was rolling over 30s. Not today. My 24 to 26 team had a hard time.

Oh and the ai batties arent based on your team but the arena you are in. So if they are too tough you need to level up or drop down


I agree will all your points. :100:
The ai battles are atrocious now. At least they don’t use their instant moves. You can pretty much guarantee that they will use their highest damage attack followed by their 2nd highest available. No status stuff, no swaps. Use distraction attacks unless you fight an immune like Maxima (God I hate those)

The epic strike towers are hard now, yes. I was rolling them with my level 19 boosted team. But not any more.

Okay, but what does this situation bring to?
Stronger players become stronger, weaker players stay weak, and thus the scissors among them continue to increase.
Unless the weaker players spend money and get those incubators that are now out of their reach.
I don’t like to insist on this point, as the game is pay-per-win and you like it or not.
I just dislike the idea that things started to go better in the recent past and then suddenly we are back to the starting point.

About instant moves, I think you are referring to map event battles, because AI dinos in the arena do use instant moves. I faced a Thoradolo that killed my last dino outspeeding it with that damned quick stunning charge, or how is called.

This is the way it is just about any game. The folks who play more or pay more gain advantage and advance faster.

And yes, the divide will grow between those that do and those that do not. But, the players who do not advance as fast do not have to compete with the ones who do. They will be competing and battling among themselves. The ones who pay or play a lot will battle amongst themselves also. Those of us in the middle, get to battle each other.

To gain the advantage of winning harder strike towers players have to reach a certain level with their creatures. Isn’t that how it should be? There are plenty of strike events that are within reach of ALL players, only a few that you need to work towards. It should be incentive for players to build their teams, so they can complete them. And you build you team up by playing more, hunting, fusing and battling opponents your strength. The more you play the more DNA you get.

For the boost thing. I have no dog in that fight so can offer no suggestions.


Welcome to online pay to play gaming.

But all the game is doing is resetting. Eventually everyone can get up there. Just now you cant pay your way to an instant team. The game is about collecting and leveling up dinos first. Now you have to do that again. We were playing with cheats on and now those cheats have been hampered. People need to adjust

Wow that sucks. I figured they wouldn’t use it and would go for the rampage. I was able to do the strike Tower for indominus with my low-level team thanks for the strategy guide someone posted

The real problem, to me at least, it is that I absolutely not had any instant team. It took me months and months to collect those few boosts to get my Postimetrodon to a decent attack and health.
Yeah, a Postimetrodon, not a Thor or a Magna, dinos I will reach in 1-2 years of play maybe.
A Postimetrodon I used to counter that ugly overpowered thing called Allosino that everyone in the arena has, and not only that.
Now it’s all gone.
Months of work wasted.
And I continue to fight tons of boosted Allosino, of course.
Well yes, cheats have been hampered and I need to adjust (again). Will I have the possibility to focus on a long-term project without having to restart every here and there?
That’s my main complaint about.