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AI Thinking Time

Does anyone else find it annoying how LONG the AI almost always takes on its turns, even when its move is obvious? I find it hard to believe that isn’t being done intentionally because there’s just no reason a computer should take THAT much time to think… it’s REALLY annoying particularly when you are doing a LOT of matches like this tournament has required. And then there’s matches with the mods…sigh…

Only thing I can figure out is maybe the developers are trying to make it seem more like a real person playing, but come on, we all KNOW that it isn’t. Or maybe some people need time during that wait to plan their next move?

What do you think?


Yes, yes, yes!!!
Its move is calculated after 0.0001 seconds. It sells us for stupid by simulating human behaviour.
This drives me crazy sometimes, especially in mod fights.

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The thing is, that its wait time is not even remotely accurate for human behavior, which would be FAR more variable. It’s actually a total giveaway that it’s NOT a human when it ALWAYS seems to wait until only a few seconds are left to play its move, a real person would far more often know their next move and play immediately. Which is why I am not sure that this is even the reason for doing it. If it is, they sure didn’t put much thought into how to simulate a real person.

That actually would make the battles considerably more interesting, if you didn’t know if the AI would play in 1 second… or 15.

It;s a cruel torture technique, making your victim wait to face the inevitable. Makes sense, given how evil Chanya is at the trade harbor. :flushed:


The thinking time has increased recently too - it used to drop to 14 seconds in tournaments every time, now its often down to 7. Which can be maddening when your main time to play is on a train and you just know there’s a tunnel coming up…


(The following is only my opinion) The time was increased due to the introduction of MODs. This was to fix the issue of the server time out that was happening between a match with the MODs turn time and a match with out it. I am assuming they matched them to save coding space. But now almost every turn takes around 15-18 seconds which is almost the entire turn in a non MOD battle or a little over half way in a MOD battle. I think this was to give time to allow the affects of the various MODs to take place and not trip up the system. I am totally fine with the time if it keeps the server time out issue from happening which I have not run into in quite some time while battling.

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That’s a good assessment, and yes, I noticed it was since they addressed the timeout bug that all the battle times seem to get so darn long. I agree, it’s better than the disconnects, but seems like very lazy programming to me.

Of course, I would also prefer they tune down all the animations and unnecessary stuff that is why Mod battles are so darn long to begin with.

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How often are PvP matches actually PvP instead of P v. AI? I swear sometimes I am facing a real person during tournament play because they make moves that make ZERO sense, and it makes me believe that it MUST be human error from a real person because there’s no way the AI would make that move. If you see the other player has a picture that does not look like a stock photo, isn’t that some sort of indicator it’s not a bot?

100% of the time you are playing the game server. There is just enough of a random element in their game play that is there to keep you guessing. We believe they probably borrow the profile photos of actual players, but you are only ever playing the computer.


I couldn’t agree more, it’s all vs. AI and that is totally ok. You get fair matchups and don’t have to wait in a queue for other real players, but please make it faster!

Even more annoying though is that these games aren’t saved, as it is ‘vs. the AI only’ why not just saving it like PvE battles? I can’t even count anymore how many games I lost due to connection problems or low power notifications.

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The low power notification is the worst, what’s worse is at one point back around December or maybe later it was fixed for a time and then it came back. So it can be fixed to not cut your connection but either Apple or Ludia changed something and it has been back ever sense :frowning:.

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