AI When Should Be PvP?

I was avoiding AI today, starting only when matchmaker give me pvp. when countdown go zero i cancelled and tried again. all day.

my last battle:

when i was about to win, opponent started to swap. i thought it was a rage attitude, and started to swap too.

i sent many emojis while we swapped, but no answer.

after time limit i saw that “time’s up” message because of “inactivity” that we already discussed here.

the player is now not listed in recent opponent’s list (social tab).

was that opp a bot??

is ludia setting bots when we think it’s human?

I timed out with my 2nd account below 4K trophy’s and thought I had just got an opponent with a well boosted team and then after 2 kills, started to swap back and forth. It ended up being a bot.This was yesterday.

When a company makes an aspect of the game, in this case arena, virtually unplayable and rage inducing in terms of fairness and balance, players avoid it like the plague, this is all Ludias fault for wrecking gaming experience for profits.

I wonder how long the whales will continue spending knowing their victims are just AI anyway.

hey! :warning:

happened again just now!

it was intended to be a pvp battle, matched in time, no zero + ai button.

opponent used non expected dinos like we use to see with bots, and started to swap when i was 2-1.

and player name is not in recent list, and didn’t answer any of my emoji messages.

@Ludia_Developers are you setting us bots when matchmaker fails without we know?

It could be a way to sort of mask lower player participation…that or a bug, either is highly likely.

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Considering only about half the players battle in arena, I’m guessing they have to use AI to allow battles.

But hey, there’s nothing wrong in arena.


As long as a single dollar, euro, yen or Monopoly money is coming from boost sales, arena is “fine” (insert fire here) lol

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Had you lost the previous battles? If you lose two in a row ( I think ) you get an AI opponent until you win a battle.

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yes, i did.

but i didn’t know this rule. :scream:

I got this AI after winning the previous battle. I just sat on the ‘looking for opponent’ screen (not the next one with the arena and timer) and after a minute, went to the 2nd screen and immediately into battle so I thought it found me an opponent.

Then that would explain it. Sometimes I wonder whether it’s a bug or a means to stop players dropping too much by giving them an easy win.

Ludia has flipped the ai “switch” this season… ive posted about it before. When the switch is flipped the ai covers the gaps during match making. Were down to 257k players in the arena.

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was this “feature” announced? i don’t remember.

and i get trophies from these bots. :scream:

If they actually try and fix arena imbalance so that it isn’t a stressful place many would be willing to give arena another try, which in turn lowers queue times and also less chance of fighting AI.

But when you spent ages on your team, and you go try fill your last incubator slot and get swept by Thors, or get ratted and then lose 700 matches in a row, before finally getting a win and then getting a 15m incubator it tends to turn you off arena.

Whats more the feeling of being beaten simply coz they spent more leaves a bitter taste of unfair resentment.

This “feature” has been around since season 2. When the top players mostly faught these bots and had like 30k trophies and such.

The switch isnt always flipped on… but this features role is to cover up the fact that there are less players playing in the arena close to 60k less down from 2 seasons ago which during its end had 320k… last season 290k this season will likely end at 260k. When that many players go mia… there are gaps on the ladder. Which is why this ai gives trophies.

If the ai wasnt still suffering from bugs it wouldnt be so easy to tell. But the the current swap bug with ai is a dead give away. Just like back in 1.5 when i got pitted against an ai that had 2 dg2 and 2 allosinos.

General rules for ai is if you hit a button to fight ai… no trophies if match making sticks you with ai. Either the pity ai or the other ai. You can gain and lose trophies to the ai.

The switch will most likely be flipped off after the next reset… until the player base seperates itself again and they it will be turned back on.

Pity ai is always on depending on trophies.

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