Aim for: Scorpius or Indotaurus?

I’ve only got 3k Carno. I have some epic Scorp DNA donated by my incredible alliance members, but I don’t know if to continue leveling Scorpius or switch to Indotaurus.

For anyone who has both, what do you prefer?

Probably SR3 … Its on nearly 100% of the top 100 teams vs. IndoT which is at around 40% … It also might depend on your current team. My team was a little weak vs. chompers for a little while so I swapped out mammolania for SR3 and I shattered my previous high score. If I would’ve used IndoT instead of SR3, I think my team wouldn’t have been as good, but IndoT is great regardless. I still say SR3 all the way

That’s not necessarily because SR3 is more chosen. It’s very possible that because SR3 has been out longer that a lot of the Carno dna the top teams had went on to SR3 which may cause a shortage for Indot. Also I think we’d see it a lot more if there was a boost shuffle.

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Scorpius rex gen 3 is pretty much mandatory especially if you run testacornibus. Haven’t had any difficulty to dispatch indotaurus. It is good, just not that good.

You need 2 bodyguards for testacornibus (scorpius rex gen 3 and compsocaulus) and monolorhino for good measure.


:thinking::thinking::thinking: never thought of it that way

Or they could make Carno a global spawn so this wouldn’t even be a dilemma…


They are both awesome, so it really depends on what you most want to counter and your team synergy. Only reason Indot isn’t on most top teams is that it’s so new and most had emptied their Catno stock with SR3 (+1 and 2). Indot is the one of them I most want to see in the draw, to counter Testa. Big plus for Indot is that it doesn’t need attack boost to be great.


Well, matters. Scorpios beats Indot.
If you have a reliable chomper(s), go scorpios
If you have enough Cunnings and swappers, go Indot

Thanks for the advice. I’m leaning towards Scorp 3, but I might wait until the next boost reset before I decide completely (just in case of nerfs or new dinos that get added).

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I need more shield-breakers in my team which is why i’m aiming for Indotaurus. Have enough cunnings as others have commented above.

Yeah. Carno needs to be a global spawn

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If carno had gene 2 or 3 everything is easier, all carno hybrids are very useful, if there were gen 2 and 3 there would not be this dilemma as to which or not. I personally recommend Scorp G3, more versatile and more complex to kill

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I’m someone that normally dislikes the idea of Gen 2s and 3s - I find it to be a bit lazy, since they could have just made original dinos in their place, and I’d rather see those. But in this case, with how much Carno DNA is being stretched thin, I would rather have seen a Carnotaurus Gen 2 than have given Carnotaurus yet another hybrid. They could have even made the Gen 2 “Toro” from CC so it wouldn’t be a Gen 2 in the first place.

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This whole thing is really illustrative of the problems with giving a dino too many hybrids. Both Scorpius and Indotaurus are great. Indotaurus isn’t bad at all. But because you only have so much Carnotarkus DNA, you can only reasonably use one or the other on your team. Since Scorpius is slightly better, everyone is going to be the one most people use - Indotaurus may as well not exist, no matter how good it is. But if they had different ingredients, both of them could be meta and used on the same teams. So Ludia, PLEASE stop overloading dinos with too many hybrids!!!


many hybrids of carno and creatures that do deserve a hybrid, alankylo, Dimodactylus, Gamma, Alloraptor, Megalogaia

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