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Akatsuki defeated a 10* -- join our clan

Only the second clan to do it, except we don’t have 11 other feeder clans and spend 24/7 recruiting. Just good old fashion high level talent. Come join our relaxed, highly skilled and enjoyable clan.


Feeling proud to be part of Akatsuki :slight_smile:


Yaaaaay congrats guys.great proud if you all.

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Congrats on the 10*
What are your requirements to join?

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Active, use all 6 energy daily. 130-150k damage.

Last few weeks mine has been around 100 to 150k. I play every day

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Okay add me on discord we can talk Madara#2267

Spot open. Need help killing the 9*.

Looking for 6 energy/day, extremely active and bettering your roster, discord, and 150k/day average.

PM me.

Could still use 1-2 high level dragon riders.

Congratulations!!! See you soon at the Top.


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Still need 2 more solid producers

Another 10* down today. Still need extremely active daily players with discord. 125k+ daily.

Wow, we are on a roll! Downed 4 of last 5 10* alphas

Anyone who can contribute is welcome.


I want to join your clan my id is goben#9592

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Invite sent

I am sent an request for dark akatsuki please accept it my id is goben#9592

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I let them know

We are still and will always be recruiting. Currently we need a couple players to help take down a non shellfire 10*.

We beat all the 9* alphas and I think everyone in the clan, who isn’t brand new, is at a level 10 alpha chest.

Our requirements are over 125k damage using all 6 daily hits (more if needed). And being on discord to chat.

Please PM me with your daily average and what level alpha that is being done against plus a pic of your roster.

Remember, alpha rewards are increasing with tomorrow’s update and it could be a significant difference from level 7 or 8 rewards to level 10.

Hello akatsuki sorry i left u all in a are u all?i had to delete discord because i didnt had any space sorry

Coming back? I think we have vacancies in light