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Akatsuki family recruiting, 10* Alpha

All Akatsuki Clans are recruiting daily players who want to defeat 10* Alpha every day. You don’t have to be heavy hitter, but you need to participate in Alpha fights. Send your ingame requests and become member of Akatsuki family (7 Clans in family).

Akatsuki - OneArmedWolf
Akatsuki Slayers - TheDragonSlayer
Akatsuki Ninjas - Scorpio
Akatsuki Berzerks - MonkeyDGoodman
AkatsukiYakuza- Syn
AkatsukiKamikaze - Oxi
Akatsuki Dark - Nephili

New Clan in family AkatsukiChakra - leader Draca.

Chakra is at 5* Alpha, all other family clans on 10*

Contact me via discord or just send request to any Clan