Akatsuki family recruiting, 10* Alpha

I’d love to join. I created a clan when I first started playing and didn’t get the Alpha Battles. Can I leave the clan I created to join another? Level 40 right now, I’m the only one who fights Alphas and it’s lame.

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Tenho nível 59 e quero participar de um clan de alto nível contra alfas de 10*. Meu usuário é daniel#2337

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Translated From Portuguese

I am level 59 and want to join a high level clan against 10 alphas. My username is daniel#2337*

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

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OK I will tell my leaders to invite you Daniel

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you gave us wrong username and #

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Akatsuki Vengeance is looking for few players that would like to slay 10* Alpha every day.
You have to be active vs. Alphas and lvl 45+.

Send your ingame request and become member of Akatsuki family (Biggest Clan family on server)


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Akatsuki (the biggest) server family proudly presents new nr. 16 Clan in family :dragon:


Akatsuki Sasori is will beat 2nd 4* Alpha today, and there is plenty of space for active players to join us and take Sasori to 10* Alpha.

Come and join us now, if you are daily player you are more then welcome to send your request !!!

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UPDATE - 7* Alpha today

Come and join us if you are tired of Clans that cannot beat high star Alphas.
If you are tired of situations where you pull whole Clan like a donkey, while other players don’t care and hit Alpha occasionally.


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UPDATE - 10 :star: Alpha on menu

There are 10 free spots in Akatsuki Sasori, so if you are tired of struggling with Alpha, cannot progress because of lazy Guild colleagues … join us NOW !!! (what else to say) :laughing:

All Akatsuki clans are recruiting daily players who would like to beat 10* Alphas every day.
If you want to join us just send your ingame request.

You do not have to be heavy hitter, but you have to be active vs. Alpha.

Become Akatsuki member, the biggest Clan family on Server

  • Akatsuki
  • Dark Akatsuki
  • Akatsuki Ninjas
  • Akatsuki Slayers
  • Akatsuki Berzerks
  • AkatsukiYakuza
  • Akatsuki Kamikaze
  • Akatsuki Chakra
  • Akatsuki Dracarys
  • Akatsuki Vengeance
  • Akatsuki Rising
  • Akatsuki Gokudo
  • Akatsuki Mittgard
  • Akatsuki Hato
  • Akatsuki Ghidorah
  • Akatsuki Sasori

Wow you guys took akatsuki on another level. Just came back on forum today though let’s see if I can find anything about akatsuki. Happy to see the growth what I started. :sob::joy::joy::joy:

BUMP - Alaways recruiting — contact me ingame or via Discord

3 empty spots for active players, lvl 40+

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3 empty spots for daily players who would like to slay 10 Alphas every day.* :grinning:

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