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Akatsuki is recruiting!

Hello potential future recruits

Akatsuki opens its doors to you and welcomes you to its 8th clan “Akatsuki Chakra”. Newly created, currently playing 5 * alphas, we will face 10 * alphas like every clan in our organization in 10 days. Joining today means making a winning bet in the future.

More than a big team, it is above all a state of mind, motivation and a willingness to exchange and progress that we are looking for. We mainly ask for a daily participation of at least 6 fights per alpha. Nevertheless, a minimum built team is necessary, in order to be able to face our alphas 10 *
Know that we have an active discord and that we can also, if you want, place you in one of our 7 clans already beating infinite 10 *

To join us, you can contact me here, or via discord Draca # 1231.

Do you want to have the power? Being an alpha killer? Just be Akatsuki!