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Akatsuki looking for new members

We are killing 6 and 7* alphas.

We are looking for 4.8k battle power or more, must join the clan discord, must hit all alphas or let us know why you’re missing.

We are seeking one today and possibly a few more over the next few days


One current open spot and possibly some more. Looking for those who are willing to hit alpha daily

5.7k here looking for a clan. i am not that active as i am busy with work. will try to do all alphas. my discord is Zilch #4719

my game id is Zoriac #1139

We really want someone who can commit to timely hits of all alphas

Talisax, apologies for offtopic, but could you clarify some things to a fellow clan leader?

  1. What are the rewards for level 3-4-5 chests? That data needs to be accumulated somehow, maybe Lightfury could later add it to wiki.

  2. What happens if all of your dragons die in an attempt to fight Alpha? Does the damage still count, or you have to survive for 20 turns for it to count?

  3. Seeing as Alpha’s attack\defense, or at least attack also scales, how hard do 5star+ Alphas hit on a ~1000 power dragon?

Just figured that this data is publicly useful, however, if you PM me back - I’ll delete the post to prevent offtopic.

They rewards scale in a linear fashion. I dont have the exact numbers but the difference between 1 and 2 is same as 2 and 3 and 3 and 4. Premium tokens can be a reward on level 1.

If your dragons die, the fight ends and the damage does count.

They dont hit very hard. I dont pay attention to damage, but my dragons never die even on 6 star

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Akatsuki is once again pruning deadweight and looking for new daily alpha hitters. Must be able to hit 5-6 times per day and be on discord (even if you dont chat much)

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how can you say youre a top clan for beating two 5 stars? i know of at least 10 other clan beating 6 stars everyday? i think you might be in for a shock when leaderboards come out. top clans are beating 8 star dragons currently.

That was 16 days ago


where are you guys at now???

Killing 6struggling vs 7 replacing some.less active players to fix this

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Geez, Jake, I don’t remember you being that petty. Jay, Baz - sure. Hopeless cases. But you are a darn Senior Rider. Or at least used to be. Have some class.

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Funny thing hearing the word petty from you. Always feeling the urge to reply at everything we post. So mutch that I nearly missed you on the last couple of posts.

/Farmer Jay - Proud leader of LOLhalla


Thanks for proving my point, you didn’t have to be so kind. And, trust me, I’d use more appropriate words, but it might upset a mod or two around here.
Here’s the reason -edited- I use the term “petty”. You and Baz instantly reminded me of this scene.

And, also, thanks for proving my point regarding replying at everything - I indeed did not bother to visit your little thread, because it ain’t my business. And the only reason I reply now - is because you asked for it. As for Jake, and it has nothing to do with you - he used to be decent person. Not Nomad, of course, but… as I said - a Senior Rider.
I could understand someone like you measuring his junk in public, but Jake? That was a surprise to hear him rub it in. It was a personal response and if you were touched by it… well, the first rule of trolling - insult someone and if they feel like they deserve it - they’ll respond. So… thanks for making it easy for me.

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Will keep you in mind. We are full at the moment

Once again culling some who don’t hit alpha or consistently do below half fair share.

Have defeated 7* (except bewilderbeast) and need consistent clan members to make this constant and to kill higher alphas.

Looking for one member currently and possibly more over the next few days

Still looking for anyone. 4.8k-5.2k here

Yes. What is your game id and number?

Join our discord