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Akatsuki needs YOU πŸ‘ˆ

Couple spots open in main clan. Open applications. Just apply. Bouncing between 9* and 10* alphas.

140k damage. Active daily with 6-8 hits and available on discord.

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Hi, how does one apply to be in the clan? I’ve been playing the game awhile and my core team is about 5200, but I’m new to the forum (thanks, wonky update!) so still learning the ropes. I’ve been clanning on my own for a while and I’ve picked up a couple of stragglers, but I can only do lvl1 alphas by myself, so I’m interested in joining a better clan. Thanks!


Anyone who joins today will be part of taking down our daily 9*. Be a huge contribute and gain valuable rewards and experience.

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Akatsuki is going to down it’s 15th (rough estimate?) Consecutive 9*. Any high level player looking for a slam dunk insane clan, feel free to apply.


Hi! I’d like to join the clan. My team is about 5800+. If you agree let me know.


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Guys i back. i want to join in dark akatsuki my ID IS goben#9592

Add me on discord Madara #2267. We’ll talk there

Guys I want to join in dark akatsuki please my id is goben#9592 my power is 5100

Come into light while we work on getting you In dark

Ok I join in white

What are requirements for dark Akatsuki

Minimum 6 alpha hits daily and the ability to hit 8 if needed. Not 100% the damage level they are looking for currently. Are you in our Discord?

chestnuts found here. U r in the wrong clan dennis.


@shortySTK ha got u! I am the winner now!:joy::joy::joy::scream::scream:

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I am not in discord

I am ok for the requirements please sent me an invite

Still need one top tier player with an insane roster.

Mostly maxed out 5* dragons with a light fury who can do 150k/day off 6 hits.

Just apply, we have space. Haven’t lost to a 9* in a month even with as few as 21 hitters.

Forums are dead today. Akatsuki needs one high level player.

150k damage
4*+ light fury

We bounce between 9* and 10* based on the day. If you enjoy winning and opening lots of high level chests, this clan is a no brainer.

Also, if you’re accepted and do good damage I’ll give you a good recommendation :joy: for your next job.

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