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Akatsuki Needs You!

I post this periodically to attract individuals to apply to all 3 clans. Nothing’s really changed except that all 3 clans would be open to a merge with an existing clan of equal level. Recruiting is constant and difficult, especially at the highest levels. There’s only so many players who can do 175k+ on a daily basis, and are committed enough to the game to rarely miss using all their energy. Even Akatsuki only has 10-12 people who can do that type of damage every day.

Because of this, a merge would make 2 clans instant contenders to down a 10* on a semi-daily basis or push a mid-level clan from 8* to 9* overnight. If you’re interested just message me directly and we’ll work out the logistics.

Join 3 levels of Akatsuki:

Extremely high level clan looking for 2 great dragon riders. Minimum 175k damage on 6 hits/day. Can use discord to communicate. Preferably has a 4* or better light fury and no defensive dragons.

Reap the benefits of 10* alpha chests and high level game strategy.

Only clan with 4 murmurquills and a Completely maxed out Chestnut! Doesn’t get better than that.

We leave all the clans with only 24 people so you can freely apply on your own. No invite needed.

We have 3 levels of clans to accommodate as many players as possible.

Light Akatsuki which was just started and is brand new for beginners, but is already battling 5*.

Dark Akatsuki which is now rotating from 7* to 8* alphas for people who are experienced but still learning and building up their dragon rosters.

And of course the flagship clan Akatsuki who are for the top level players in the game. That clan bounces from 9* to 10* based on the day. The main clan hasn’t lost to a 9* in over a month.


I want to join in the clan my id is goben#9592 my power is 5500

Dude, we’ve had you in our various clans multiple times. You’re a clan jumper, inactive half the time, and don’t do enough damage!


Now I am changed please give me a chance leader

Apply to light or dark. Main is off the table.

There is a space in dark?

That roster looks more appropriate for light than dark


Would like to join.

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We just lost 2 long standing members.

One left for our 6* clan because he’s going back to school and won’t have the proper time to commit.

The other left because the game got too repetitive and expensive and he was sick of the grind.

Could use someone who can hit for 150k/day. Even with the 2 jumping ship today, we’re still on pace to easily take down the 9*. Just apply, we have the space. :upside_down_face::man_shrugging:

Since the rollout of arena we’re down 6 members. Akatsuki members had a very specific idea of what arena would be like and when it was mostly vs bots, a lot have quit the game entirely. That hasn’t stopped us from taking down 3 consecutive 10* alphas (including today because we got a shellfire).

Feel free to apply if you think your roster is strong enough and can do 150k+ damage. If you’re not a good fit we can always move you to our sister clan who is fighting easier alpha’s

I want to join, can hit more 200k damage

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