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Akatsuki ninjas recruiting - 10* Alpha

Akatsuki ninjas is 4th Clan in Akatsuki family.
We are looking for players who are active vs. Alpha (5000 BP)
Send your app ingame or contact me here.

Requirements are:

Active daily, especially when alpha spawns

We are currently attacking 5* Alpha and we are looking for daily players to join us :slight_smile:
Send app ingame, or contact me here :wink:

6* Alpha on the menu tomorrow … come and join us and help us get to 10* ASAP

Hello … still recruting, now we are facing 7* Alpha :slight_smile: … send you app ingame and join 4th Akatsuki family clan !!!

All you need is to be active vs. Alphas, we don’t care your BP or Dragon color :slight_smile:

Ninjas are now beating 7* with only 6 people, but they need help. Join for extra daily keys: more energy used daily plus you’ll finish top 10 in the rankings.

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UPDATE !!! We are beating 8* Alpha and we want you to join us and collect plenty of keys :wink:

So, here we are … still recruiting but this time we will face 9* Alpha for 1st time so we need all available hands (energy) to defeat it :slight_smile:

Send your app ingame or contact me her or via FB.

Happy to announce that we are fighting with 10* Alpha … we are looking for more Clan members (10 spots open), so come and join us :sunglasses:

Akatsuki ninjas has few open spots for daily players who want to defeat 10* Alpha every day. You don’t have to be heavy hitter, but you need to participate in Alpha fights. Send your ingame requests and become member of Akatsuki family (5 Clans in family)

BUMP. Feel free to send your request, we have 1 slot open for daily players who would like to kick some 10* Alphas every day !!! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Akatsuki Ninjas has 2 open spots for daily players (send you ingame request or contact me via Discord)

Scorpio #7875