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Akatsuki Slayers NeedsYou

The last clan we formed went from 1* to 10* in 20 days so we’re looking to do it again.

Need some mediocre hitters who are committed and use all their daily energy. I’m expecting 6-8 hits for roughly 100k-150k/day. I’ll take care of the rest in order to beat alphas.

If you can do 500k-1m damage that’s even better!

Already took down a 1* and clan has doubled in size. Helluva first day!

Update: we’re up to 3*. Come help us get higher.

This is an amazing opportunity for mid level players who rarely get to play vs 10*.

Day 7 – we face a 4* today. Join us.

Damn! Recruiting is hard work these days. Up to 5* and could use some help