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Akupura Reset Compensation

Due to the Boss reset yesterday, Ludia is crediting all players level 15+ an Akupura Pack and some DNA. Check your ingame mail. My son already received his


So everyone should get two packs correct? Just want to make sure I don’t need to report a problem since I got two of them this morning:


Correct. If you partipated yesterday (or if you were unaffected by the reset), you should receive 2 packs: the normal one and one from ingame mail


I participated both before and after the reset and got 1 pack. Is this normal?

Did you check your inbox ?

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Hello Sionsith and everyone,
When the Akupara boss missions reset on Monday it also reset whether a player participated or not. Anyone who participated after the reset should have received their regular reward for completing the global boss goal. However, due to the fact player participation was reset we have no ability to track those who participated and sent everyone 15+ the trophy along with 250 DNA to your in-game mailbox. This means that players who participated on Monday after the reset would receive a total of two statues, while those who did not will only receive the compensation mail with the statue.


Yes. I got one from the mailbox but haven’t got any right after the events end.

That batter be worth a kilobuck,if it is iam selling both.