Remember this amazing looking hybrid from Jurassic World the game

I was thinking about a previous post of mine discussing the reasons and possibilities of Majungasaurus getting a legendary or unique hybrid when I came to the realization that it already has a great hybrid, it just wasn’t in this game. I think this would benefit not only players but also Ludia because so many people have so much Majungasaurus DNA that they don’t know even know what to do with it and many players will already have Alanqa at level 15 as it already has a legendary hybrid and is fairly common (in my experience, I cannot speak for everyone ) in incubators and Ludia already has the model from JW:TG and can update it’s texture to match the high quality dinosaur models in this game, now that I’ve given my opinion I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic


I would love this so much! Alangasaurus is one of my favourite hybrids from JWTG and I would love it in JWA!

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