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Alankilosauros stats


Does anyone knows the stats of the legendary newbie Alankilosauros?
I am about to make the Rajakilosaurus, I think is definitely better than the Allosinosaurus, but before invest the Anky dna I like to make sure is the best investment.


Rajakylosaurus and Alankylosaurus use two different dna as fusing ingredients. Rajakylosaurus used Rajasaueus and Ankylosaurus but Alankylosaurus uses Alanqa and Ankylosaurus Gen 2. So, no need to worry about splitting or allocating the dna.:grinning:


Stats at level 17


Yep, you are right, it’d the Gen 2, and I already once realised that but forgot, thanks for stats, :slight_smile: slight_smile: just finished the fight event where the Alankylusaurus is in, got few stats there as well, I think the Rajakilosaurus will be better,


Btw, is that at 16?


17!!! Stat


Level 16 stats


Im using it for fun in arena9 and surprisingly giving good results, is very tank and his kit is a pain for enemys, also swap in invincibility is good is some situations, whithout doubt is better than tragodistis, whit a 18 alanquylo i was near to beat a 26 tragodistis, this bird at 25+ must be a real wall of pain


I think u r right, it’s good, The birds best tricks is obviously the swap without losing turn, if it swap for invincibility it really it’s a pain, on the strike event without a remove positive effect at the right time it was really annoying, if it wasn’t I already have to many tanks in my team…
Thanks for info,


Thanks, appreciate,


There is app in play store called “JWA dinodex” which shows you every dino’s stats at any lvl from 1 to 30.

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Cool, I’ll check it out, I’ll like to know the Diloranosaurus stats before I make but can’t find it, hopefully I’ll find it there, thanks


Doesn’t seem to be in the Apple App Store though :frowning:


Metahub has a chart for each dino at all levels

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I use Metahub but I was just Google names of Dinos and they weren’t coming up, on the site I realised all the Dinos are there


Has it really been buffed? Stats feel like they didn’t change at all. Can anyone confirm?