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Alankly, don't deserve the apex


Fought several, not that impressed. Only time it could catch me off guard was the first time it bumped into, no more. And the swap out prevention even got it into more trouble than its dying predecessor, basically a kill to replace another.
Funny a strategic promotion on such a thing was carried out way hard, using 2 straight weeks of valuable chances where we could have alternatively picked something else


Tragod in weaker version or stronger version?
Most likely disputed. But one thing for sure, tragod can be attained way easier and common, unlike this thing. Why the ingredient of this thing made an exclusive, when end product is not what we expect? Absurd isn’t it?


I prefer shield over a 75% stun, who my tragodistis ever fail and thats why i kicked him of my team and stop leveling him at lvl24 xd, tested this guy in arena9 at lvl 18 and i can tell you people will cry so much when they face alanquilo at 25+ in future


Yeah, I’m looking forward to some giggles at the neverending “How am I supposed to kill a dino that is constantly shielded with my favorites velo and stygimoloch gen 2? It’s NOT FAIR!”


Defense shattering and nullify will be more valuable but like is mentioned finding alanqa after the event is for the priviledged


I’m really curious though, in the meta where tank destroyers rolling all over the field, how is this thing can ever be efficient? When I came to realize they had an alankly ready to come down from heaven anytime, I would set up a slowed effect as a predictive move. Once that thing fell trapped, it’s a fresh meat.


I think you think differently when facing lvl 24+ :smiley:


Sure I will, such as quitting the game for good since in that case it’s just an explicit p2w situation for people who aren’t willing to whale for exclusive alanqa.


Personally not impressed with both the Epic Pterosaurs. Even at L30, both were taken down by just a dino.


So did I get this right? You don’t think she deserves apex rating just cause you can’t afford to have her at higher level?


Didn’t fight one in that level yet, but tried addressing to your hypothesis. Most of us in general probably will get their alankly up to lvl18 by the end, those with fortune lvl19 maybe. A table of dna formula is easy to be found:
Totally costs you 1800,
With the average of 20 dna per fuse you gotta need to work your thumb on that button 90 times. So better prepare yourself 4500 alanqa dna for your success.
I can only go that far. To get a better idea how much it costs, ludia fanboy is willing to help


You didn’t answer my question at all. Those are same requirements for every legendary! It doesn’t matter how hard it is to get her. Can you give us any reason why it shouldn’t be apex, I mean besides the fact that you are not able to afford her. Any real reason at all?
And did you just call me Ludia fanboy? What makes you think so? :smiley:


I think the ability to achieve it should be also taken into account. Started using tryo not so long ago and came to realise it’s a devastating monster IF it’s over-leveled. But usually tank buster is relatively outlevelled by tanks. Tanks stand no chance against tank destroyers if fight in a flat ground.


The issue with it is that by the time most people unlock her, a new level 16 hybrid will be pointless to use in Arena 10. It’ll take AGES to level Alan up to the point where she’s a practical choice. That being said, she’s still an excellent dinosaur and deserves Apex rating.


Son of Alan needs to swap in and out to fulfill its potential. Its weak if there is nothing else in the team to swap with that suits SIA play style.

Even the hard to get level 25 Alankly will just hurt your team when you play it. It’s like some selfish star player that loses the game because its playstyle is incompatible. Until there are more SIA apex and alpha its doesn’t deserve to be rated well as it can’t fulfill its potential.


True that, I should’ve stated that availability is a big part, let alone the fact that tanks always get eaten by TDs. But saying anything now would be quite pointless. My additional theory is that it is not of destructive as stegod is, not as fast nor protected as tragod. It can’t be fairly tested in a friendly battle(TDs then get level buffed)nor regular, only time will tell.


So accurate. As far as no other SIA stars added, it’s in an awkward position between stegod and tragod. I shouldn’t ignore its shield in ability, but you will have your opponent alerted once you get it exposed to them, that’s it. Thus diminishing its utility. Without yet other SIA teammates it can align with, it will have a hard time forcing to adapt the solo style.


Swap-in Invincibility is IMO one of the best – either THE best or a very close second – abilities in the game, so I can definitely see some room for play there. Even just Alanqa itself has some viability in arena 7, I feel.


Well you dont open whit alanquilosaurus, you wait to swap him whit the correct enemy dino, anyway not everybody have a maganapyritor, high level triostronix etc and dont forget he have superior strike too, perhaps not good vs trykosaurus, magna, indoraptor, triox but is a pain va the rest of dinos even uniques, i defeated a utharinex whit low lvl alanquilo…


Now in high Sorna there are lots of lev 20 v-raptor (while people are farming to create Indoraptor), my alanchilosauro bangs instant invincibility in the face and the pounce is causing no damage. Not also Indominus Rex. So my little lev 16 Alanchilosauro is in my team and I gain 150 trophies today. :star_struck: