Alankly maniac alert


Title says it all 202020


I don’t know… please say more:


If this is about the useless pathetic event next week you need to go and sit in the corner and have a good word with yourself



Changes need to occur!! Pathetic shambles from ludia


It’s tedious seeing the same faces again but from the developers stand point, it’s the only way of having new Dinos not be diluted by those already existing and also be of any challenge to others that have already been leveled up for a while. No “established” player is gunna use a level 16 Alankyl unless if there’s more DNA around to juice her up…



Agreed. There are lots of “new” dinos that get released and forgotten because they just can’t cut it on established top tier teams.

Even in the lower arenas I never had enough erlik DNA to use or even create her for the longest time, when everyone else had it. Now that I have it I’m not going to use except for eventually fusing erlidominus. Brachiosaurus has already been forgotten too.


Well I dont think its happening lol