Alanky hate u!


So near so far :joy:

A question for the users who have her: She worth it? It’s better than trago?


Metahub put it into their apex tier so it’s an indicator of how strong it can be. You could check their explanations on their website.

I wouldn’t say it’s better or worst. I understand the urge to compare dino to place them into something but they are so different and you don’t want them exactly on the same setup.

Alankylo can instant invincibility out of the blue and it turns into a more reliable indominus match-up but it doesn’t have speed, counter attack and stun but do have another shield. That’s a lot of differences!

Play friendly match with it to test, and see if it fits your team. It depends on your needs. I will personally stick with tragodistis in my team and alankylosaure out but if the meta shift or my team evolve in this direction I could see myself having both in my 8.


I have both Alanchilosauro and Tragodistis in my team, respectively at lev 16 and 18.
I am now happy with Alanchilo, the new SIA is amazing and I laugh when I have her in my fab 4 and an Indominus uses the cloak, then I swap my dino with her and 0 damage on Armor piercing rampage! Before I just used to put again in battle my damaged paramoloch to take the big hit and die, now I can have more strategies.
Said this, I think it is early to draw conclusions, cause I think this meta will change from the previously “only tanks” to a mix of “tanks / whatever dinos with defense shattering rampage / whatever dinos with DoT attack”
Time will tell.