Alankylasaurus animations


Ok so with this weekends event,i finally got my alankyla and immediately replaced stegoceratops in my deck. And it is an awesome dinosaur. By both stats and looks. It looks like a fricking dragon. But i have something to say about its animations.
Alanqa has a great rampage animation flapping its wings and bringing up the dust and so on. That would look amazing with alankylasaurus.
Tupandactylus has a great short defense animation where it flies up high and shouts while we watch the animation directly from the front view. That too would look awesome with alankylasaurus.
But i think alankyla’s current animations for rampage and short defense/long invincibility are underwhelming . Its a giant dragon that attacks with its small feet and i personally dont like that.
Can you give it the alanqa’s animation for rampage and tupandactylus’s animation for short defense and long invincibility? I know its not an important detail but i would love to have a cool dragon esque looking dinosaur to have cool animations

anyone agreeing?