Alankylasaurus will be meta


same damage, less armor but more health ,short defense instead of greater stunning strike and SIA invis instead of counterattack and slower when compared to tragodistis. this bird we will see a lot of play imo. i.rex just got nerfed with this shield beast. comes in with shield, has 2 abilities that shield. whats not to like this dino is awesome

EDIT: I mean it would be if alanqa wasnt a fricking arena 9 exclusive…

why is alanqa arena 9 exclusive…


Lol alanqa



I think we should just call them “Alan” and “Alan Jr” for short :grin:



Short def
Long invincibility
But speed of 110 and no stun move make it less annoying than trago


it has SIA invincibility. do u know how big that is. opponent cloaks and you attack. next turn you just switch into this bird and wreck your opponents plans. is this not annoying if this was you? also i didnt say it will be annoying i said it will be strong


Another creature locked by high arenas where the game gets less fun come on ludia! I got like 10k ank gen 2 and will prob not see alanqua till next year


Fought the 3 fliers in the strike event and found the SIA annoying rather than problematic; that said I think that was down to the levels - when levelled up and in the hands of experienced players its going to be a game changer … :thinking:


think about it. SIA invincibility vs indominus rex/erlidominus cloak
also i never had the chance to see those SIA’s in action in those strike events since pyrritator one-shotted all but the last dino everytime




same here ! i hope ludia will put alanqa in more than one event so that we can get it too


none of these new pterosaurs will be meta :wink:


just wait and see. im not talking about any other but alankylasaurus will see meta play. tragodistis does and so will this


Maybe youre right “annoying” that i said means flexibility or how they handle other dino in battle. More annoying less direct counter. They are strong? yes, against certain type of dino but how many shield breaker or nullifier with speed more than 110? Plenty


the main aspect of this bird being the SIA. you can turn 1 insta invincible with this bird. block off unsuspecting i.rexes. after that if opponent uses a armor piercing attack well you are slower so it is more likely that you take that but on the other hand, you have less armor and more health so ap and ds attacks arent as devastating to you as they are to tragod


And also one of this hybrid material is arena exclusive


AlanQQysaurus looks awesome, like a dragon. Even if it sucks I’d make it just for collection.


this part is actually tragic and sad. i definitely would play it, i still will if i can make it but lets see what life brings and no no no not just arena exclusive. its arena fricking 9 exclusive where i wont be for the next month or two :confused:


At that point irex doesnt problem any more thats another reason why i think its not that great


i dont know you may be right. but i think a suprise blocking potential on a tragod body must be strong. i believe it will see play. especially if they make it available to lower tiers


Such an idea thief :roll_eyes::joy: