Alankylo glitch

Hi, first poster here.

My alankylo is already using long invincibility / short defense, but when I use superiority strike, I lose the shield.
Does that ever happened to anyone here?

Man, that’s funny… Ludia basically gave us a powerful hybrid that could shoot itself down in combat, like the USAF discovered in the 50s and 60s when F-104s started falling out of the sky (in the dive angle of a strafing run, the 104 was actually faster than the rounds coming out of its nose-mounted 20mm Vulcan cannon. The plane could literally shoot itself down). I mean the nickname the pilots gave the 104 should have said it all: “The Manned Missile”.

Still laughing about this one… Looks like a dragon, hits hard when it can, but they left in a ‘manual override’ switch for the shields, and labeled it “S.S.”. We think it means 'Superiority Strike", but what it actually means is 'Shield Shutoff". :joy::joy:

Hi. Replying as im using alankylo in my team.
So far i have no problem or glitch

LOL give it time, bud… give it time… :joy::joy: