Alankylo hybrid idea

I was bored so I did this alankylo × postosuchus hybrid.
I don’t know if I should call it Dracosuchus or the more traditional alankylosuchus :grin:

Rarity: Unique
HP: 4000
Damage: 1350 (gorgosuchus has 1440)
Speed: 122 (tragod’s faster even though it’s ingredients are slower, so i guess this speed is fine)
Armor: 25%
Critical: 20%

Superiority strike (1350/2025)
Ferocious strike (2025)
Definite Rampage (2700/4050)
Long protection (1350/2025)

SIA invincibility

(Kapro and nunca already have 2 hybrids, posto could have one more too😁)

Parents stats:


The 20% crit is becoming a tad repetitive.
Other than that, cool concept!


I thought that 30% critical with a 4000 damage rampage was too much…although Thor exists, so I migh change it to 30% later

Although Dracosuchus sounds cool, it sounds too much like a draco+kapro hybrid or something lol.

I like the concept, and nice drawing!
One thing is probably to not have 20% crit because neither parent has it and also too much 20% crit dinos that crit more than they should lol. Perhaps a little OP but indo g2 exists so what can I say

I wouldn’t say it’s OP but i would prefer droping the crit to 5 or 10% and upping the armor to 30%


The maximum amount of hybrids a creature can have isn’t 2, but 3. Nodopatosaurus is the perfect, but also only example of a creature having 3 hybrids.

Love the idea. I would only change Definite Rampage to normal DSR (none of ingredients has definite or precise) and Ferocious Strike to Ferocious Impact. I would also decreaae crit to 5% and increase armor to 30%. These changes are mostly because I always try to make hybrids as similar to their parents as they can