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Alankyloceratops hybrid components?

So obviously one of the components of Alankyloceratops is Alakylosaurus, but I can’t remember whether the other was rare Triceratops or common Triceratops Gen 2. I can’t access the poll anymore since it’s closed, so if someone could confirm which of the 2 it is, I’d appreciate it.

honestly can’t really tell… I think it may be the rare since the gen 2 has stripes?

Fortunately some have taken photos and its description says that it’s just Triceratops. Though I honestly wish that it was the Gen 2 since it’s a very common creature.

It’s Trike G2. It’s grey body tells which one is which.


looks like triceratops gen 2 with the gray coloring

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Hard to tell, but I’d be ok with either one for this hybrid

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It’s tri g2 cuz the rare is tan not greenish gray

That’s for sure the common triceratops.

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Yeah it’s one of those things where it’s clearly Triceratops G2 in the picture, but they just call it “Triceratops”. Like how Titanocaulus says it uses Diplocaulus but the one in the picture is clearly Diplocaulus G2.


It looks more like Triceratops with weird lighting than Triceratops Gen 2, or something in between.


Oh yeah it’s like the color of Trike G2 with the pattern of Trike G1. Weird.


Here’s the images from the poll:

It also looks like Titanocaulus also used the wrong image for its component, which is odd because I thought it specifically said it was Diplocaulus Gen 2.