Alankylos Lux Idea

Alankylos Lux
Made this guy

There needs to be another name, because there’s Ankylos Lux


Also, its not Lux whatsoever, nor is that how mega hybrids worked



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Prob nerf armor a bit, change name,and put a rally heal move other that’s that it’s pretty good

What is an ankylos lux when we have ankylos lux

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I think you’ve got to ding the armor, health and attack on this one. 45% armor on something with 4800 health is already a lot, but putting on a flock of 3 is really just overkill. Plus, neither Ankylodactylus nor Alankylosaurus have an attack stat of 1300 or anything above it. So… my chances would be:

  • 3600 Health
  • 1200 Attack
  • 15-20% armor
  • 121 speed
  • 50% distraction resistance
  • 75% stun resistance
  • Remove the Vuln and Taunt resistances completely.

The moves appears pretty strong, so I think that’s fine (it has a lot of damage reduction, anyway), so it should still be able to deal with things like the appropriate cunnings and fierces.