Alankylosaurus Game Bug - Pterosaur Strike


Was playing Pterosaur Strike today on Android and came across a game bug. If you stun the Alankylosaurus it often freezes the gameplay (counter still counts down as if you have not chosen a move). Twice I was within 100 of beating the challenge and stunned the Alankylosaurus. It froze the game as the timer continued to go down. I quit and reentered, but nothing worked. Eventually it just says I lost with about 88 seconds still on the clock even though they had killed none of my creatures and I was one hit from killing their last one. Very frustrated obviously that I got so close twice only to be ended by a bug like this. Tried to get a screenshot but would not take…

Pterosaur Strike!

Hey jvpeters, I can see how that can be frustrating, and our team would be happy to take a look at this and investigate further. If you have more information on what happened, email our staff here at with your support key.


So i was playing this strike I got to the last 2 rounds and for some odd reason every time i go to stun a dino the lights turn off upstairs and they just sit there for the whole 220 sec. So i’m like ok what ever as long as it makes the move when the timer goes out and it did.So i make it to the last stage and i see this big meaty red lvl 21 dino so me trying to play smart i bring my dinos with stun and every i get a stun when i’m about to kill that dino again all the lights shut off upstairs and i have to wait. So i get down to my last dino and lucky rng was in my favor i get the stun on the big meaty 21 dino and it froze again but this time when the timer went down instead of attacking the game said DEFEAT and gives me 2 loses so an hr later i check it out the 2 was put down to a one lose i just want to know why did this happen? Thank you for reading.


Yup this bug has been reported many times already on this forum.


Hey Jayland_Cowan, I’ve heard similar reports on this issue and our team has been notified. If you have more information to assist our team in the investigation, reach out to them here at with your support key.