Alankylosaurus give me a break


So I figured why not I’ll try and create it just for friendly battles to mix it up…
After 10 fuses I end up with 130/200
Are you kidding me! WTH Ludia


Sorry to hear that … I needed far less than I expected … couple of 40s, 30 and some 20s … nearly levelled up when I wasn’t convinced I had enough to create …

On the downside I had a 100 T-Rex to fuse my I-Rex and got 2 10s … would rather have had the 40s there … the Gods of RNG are fickle …


Ive been trying out the little trick people keep mentioning. If you fuse while irex is shaking his head it actually does seem to work. I got a 70, 40, 60, 40, 30 doing this. Worth a try