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Alankylosaurus hybrid with Carnotaurus


Imagine the bird, but red, with spikes and the horns. It would be a freaking dragon! A more focused damage dealer but with off tank capabilities with Defense Shattering Counter.

(Level 26)
3800-4200 health
25% armour
1000 damage
112 -115 speed. (All counter dinos should roughly be this speed but that’s for another topic…)

Instant Invisibility
Long Protection Shield
Cleansing Impact (it would be nice to have a tank that can cleanse)
Superiority Strike

Swap in Shield (or swap in Invisibility if considered balanced)

Loses Rampage - to balance the damage considering the counter
Loses Long Invisibility and Short Shield to balance having Long Shield


Any Carno hybrid would be amazing, hopefully they add one in with the next following update

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I would rather have vulnerability strike than superiority, since it has cleanse already.


I don’t think Carno’s getting a Hybrid anytime soon, considering they’re throwing around it’s dna like crazy atm.


You’d reckon they would make one when a decent amount of people within the community have been requesting and making designs of Carno hybrids.

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True, I didn’t think of that!

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I have 30k carnot dna rdy to go!